What is Aerial Yoga? _DSC9227

In aerial yoga classes, we use a large fabric swing that hangs from the ceiling to support the weight of the body. The swing may provide either full or partial support of your body weight, depending on the yoga pose and how the swing is being utilized. Like traditional yoga classes, there are many modifications that make the poses accessible to a variety of students. These modifications may be based on experience level, balance, shape and fitness level.

An aerial yoga class can be high-flying with lots of inversions, low-flying with lots of support, Yin based or completely restorative. The yoga swing provides tremendous versatility. Check the class descriptions or schedule a private yoga swing session to explore how aerial yoga can benefit you.

Aerial yoga is: 

A lot of FUN!
A great tool to achieve better postural alignment
Designed to build strength and flexibility
A new way to explore specific yoga poses
A fun way to experience inverted yoga poses

At Integrative Yoga Therapy, we use Omni-Gym™ yoga swings that are padded for comfort. They have multiple handholds and padded foot stirrups. The swings are adaptable for students of all heights.

Who can do Aerial Yoga? _DSC9293

Almost anyone can do it! You do not need any prior experience in either yoga or aerials to come to class. Some aerial poses may be challenging and will take practice. Aerial yoga will increase your strength, as well as your body awareness. The swing has a weight limit of 250 lbs.

There is an age minimum of 16 years old for group aerial yoga classes at IYT. Students under 16 years of age are required to start with private lessons. All students under 18 years of age require parental consent.

Why do Aerial Yoga?

You will be exploring a new dimension! Be ready to feel like a kid on the playground again. Aerial yoga is invigorating and tends to put a big smile on your face!

 Be ready to soar… lift your spirits, your heart rate, your confidence!

: An Aerial Yoga class combines the strength training, discipline, control and grace of both aerials and yoga making you feel stronger, lighter and more balanced.

: Yoga poses supported by a yoga swing can give you a more intense stretch than traditional yoga poses on their own.
Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Explore inversions and backbends without neck or spinal compression
Improve body awareness
Develop a strong core
Develop upper body strength
Stretch deeper while relieving strain in the lower back
Increase your spatial awareness
Bring more oxygen to your brain with subtle inversions
Proper body alignment
Therapeutic private sessions for injuries and other medical conditions

What should I bring to Aerial Yoga?

Yoga pants that come down to at least the knee (leave low-cut shirts at home, you’ll be glad you did)
Water bottle
Minimal makeup, perfume, deodorant… they transfer onto the swings
Hair tie for long hair
A good sense of humor
A desire for a fun, new approach to yoga!

Many aerial yoga classes include inverted poses. People with the following medical conditions should avoid inversion poses:

High or low blood pressure
Neck Injuries
Heart Conditions of any kind
Eye Problems
Not sure about other conditions? Please check with you doctor first.