About the IYT 300-hr Teacher training


Tell me about the 300-hr modules

Our program combines Single-Day Modules with Weekend-Long Modules (4 required weekends, 6 elective weekends. You'll select 10 Single-Day Modules (12 uniques options are offered each year). 

Single-Day Modules are often on the first or second Saturday of the month from 9 am to 6 pm. A catered lunch is included in the single day modules and attendance throughout the full day is required.

Weekend-Long Modules are generally Friday night, all day Saturday and most of Sunday. Exact module hours are offered in the module description. 

What does the 300-hr YTT cost?

The training consists of 10 Single-Day Modules and 10 Weekend-Long Modules. The Single-Day Modules are generally $145 each, including lunch. You may purchase a 10-module bundle for these single day courses and save $200. 

The Weekend-Long Modules generally run $300- $350 and there is always an early registration discount of up to $50 per module. 

There is a $75 initial registration fee.

What happens if I miss part of the day or weekend course?

Full attendance in each YTT segment is required to receive credit for that module. 

Make-up hours aren't available for the 300-hr YTT. 

Do I have to be a yoga teacher to participate?

Our Single-Day Modules are only open to  those registered in the 300-hr YTT. 

Our Weekend-Long Modules are open to all yoga teachers as continuing education options, as well as those registered in our YTT.  

Our advanced training modules are not open to the general public. 

Can I start with the 300-hr YTT?

To register in the 300-hr YTT program, you must have completed your 200-hr Yoga Alliance approved certification. 

You do not need to currently be registered with Yoga Alliance to participate. 

Please be prepared to provide a copy of your 200-hr certificate or your Yoga Alliance registration number.

Weekend-Long modules may be attended by yoga teachers regardless of their source of training or certification status.

I've taken a few modules for cont. ed. Can I apply those to my YTT?

Yoga Alliance prohibits retroactive credit for past workshops. They also prohibit "double dipping" or using the same workshop as YTT credit and continuing education. 

You must submit the IYT application/registration form and application fee before courses can be applied to your 300-hr program requirements. 


How long will it take to complete this program?

You can take up to 3 years to complete your 300-hour YTT. You can also take as little as 12-18 months. 

When does this training start?

With an open enrollment design, you can start this program at any time! 

Who will be our instructors?

Do I have to currently teach to participate?

You don't have to currently teach yoga to participate. 

It is advisable to have some teaching experience at the start of your 300-hr training.

What is the cancellation policy for each module?

Please see the cancellation policy on the event page of each module and on your payment receipt.