Gong Sound Therapy

For centuries, the gong has been used for healing. The sound and vibration created by the gong has been shown to help back and neck pain, migraine headaches, chronic pain and insomnia. The gong can also help settle anxiety, manage symptoms of stress and contribute to a greater sense of balance.

Linda uses a Paiste planetary gong and a Chinese wind gong in her gong therapy sessions. Often referred to as a gong bath (no water involved and you're fully clothed!), the sound and vibration wash over and through, as you sit or lie down on a table, aerial swing, floor or chair.

A typical gong session may include some gentle relaxation movement or breath work, a guided meditation, Reiki, or simply gong. Some private yoga students opt for a longer Savasana with the gong.

First time gong clients will usually be exposed to the sound of the gong for 20-30 minutes. Gong sessions can expand to 40-45 minutes of sound therapy.

$65 for one person. Add $10 per person for additional participants for a private group.


Ready to book a gong session with Linda?  Please follow this link or email info@integrativeyogatherapysc.com